ed2k Link Regular Expression

Category: URI

A regular expression to match an ed2k (eDonkey network) link.


What Is ed2k Link

ed2k Link is a URI scheme that defines the format of eD2k links.

ed2k Link Examples:

  • ed2k://|file|%E5%AF%84%E7%94%9F%E8%99%AB.PARASITE.2019.HD-1080p.X264.AAC-UUMp4(ED2000.COM).mp4|2501554832|C0B93E0879C6071CBED732C20CE577A3|h=5HTKZPQFYRKORN52I3M7GQ4QQCIHFIBV|/

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Expression Flags

Flags Description
i Ignore case sensitive.
g Allows global search.
m Allows multiline search.